This page documents the routine PDAFomi_obs_op_adj_interp_lin of PDAF-OMI.

The routine provides an adjoint observation operator for observations that are computed as the linear interpolation between some grid point values in the state vector. It is usually called in obs_op_OBSTYPE in an OMI observation module if a 3D-Var method is used.

See the page describing PDAF-OMI observation operators for a general overview.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAFomi_obs_op_adj_interp_lin(thisobs, nrows, obs_f_all, state_p)

    TYPE(obs_f), INTENT(inout) :: thisobs  ! Data type with full observation
    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: nrows           ! Number of values to be averaged
    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: obs_f_all(:)    ! Full observed state for all observation types (array provided by PDAF)
    REAL, INTENT(inout) :: state_p(:)      ! Process-local model state provided by PDAF


  • The necessary index information for the observation operator was initialized in init_obs_OBSTYPE of the observation module.
  • The interpolation coefficients have to be initialized in init_obs_OBSTYPE of the observation module.
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