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PDAF is distributed as a source code package. The package contains the core routines of PDAF as well as a test suite with example implementations of data assimilation systems.

In order to download the source code package of PDAF, please register here. We ask for the registration in order to be able to inform you on new releases and in order to demonstrate an active user base to our sponsors.

PDAF is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. With downloading PDAF, you accept it's license. The full copyright and license information is described here.

With respect to science, please cite PDAF, if you publish work obtained using the software (A good reference on PDAF is Nerger and Hiller (Software for Ensemble-based Data Assimilation Systems - Implementation Strategies and Scalability. Computers and Geosciences, 55 (2013) 110-118), but citing the paper discussing the filter algorithm you applied would also be nice, see the page on publications and presentations). We also enjoy to hear from you when you publish work using PDAF (See Imprint for contact information).


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