This page documents the routine PDAFomi_set_debug_flag of PDAF.

The routine activates the debugging output of PDAF-OMI. It can be called, e.g. in init_dim_obs_pdafomi to activate the debugging output for the whole analysis, or in init_dim_obs_l_pdafomi to activate debugging output for a single local analysis domain of a domain-localized filter (i.e. LESTKF/LETKF/LNETF/LSEIK).

Detailed information on how to use and interpret the debugging output is provided on the documention of the PDAF-OMI debugging information.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAFomi_set_debug_flag(debugval)

    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: debugval          ! Value for debugging flag
                                             ! (0): deactivate debug output
                                             ! (>0): activate debug output


  • The routine is provied through the module 'PDAFomi'. Thus one has to use-include the routine by
      USE PDAFomi, only: PDAFomi_set_debug_flag
  • For the localized filters, we recommend to activate the debugging only for single local analysis domain. Thus one can select some value of domain_p, e.g. in init_dim_obs_l_pdafomi and then call PDAFomi_set_debug_flag using debugval=domain_p
  • The debug output is active until one calls PDAFomi_set_debug_flag(0).
  • With parallelization one can active the debug output for a single MPI task
  • The debug output writes out the complete list of obervation (e.g. for a local analysis domain). As such, it can be useful to reduce the number of assimilated observations during the debugging to shorten the outputs
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