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This page documents the routine PDAFomi_localize_covar` of PDAF-OMI.

The routine has to be called in localize_covar_OBTYPE in each observation module if the localize EnKF is used. It applies the covariance localization.

See the page describing PDAF-OMI observation modules for the full documentation of OMI observation modules and the page on implementing the analysis step of the LEnKF.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAFomi_localize_covar(thisobs, dim,  locweight, lradius, sradius, &
       coords, HP, HPH)

    TYPE(obs_f), INTENT(in) :: thisobs    ! Data type with full observation
    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: dim            ! State dimension
    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: locweight      ! Localization weight type
    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: lradius        ! localization radius
    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: sradius        ! support radius for weight functions
    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: coords(:,:)    ! Coordinates of state vector elements
    REAL, INTENT(inout) :: HP(:, :)       ! Matrix HP, dimension (nobs, dim)
    REAL, INTENT(inout) :: HPH(:, :)      ! Matrix HPH, dimension (nobs, nobs)


  • The routine allows to specify the localization radius and support radius (lradius, sradius) and localization function (locweight) individually for each observation type.
  • The coordinate array coords has to be filled consistently with the observation coordinates speified in init_dim_obs_OBSTYPE.
  • The routine only supports a fixed localization radius throughout the domain