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This page documents the routine PDAFomi_get_interp_coeff_lin1D of PDAF-OMI.

The routine is called in `init_dim_obs_OBSTYPE of an obseration module to initialize interpolation coefficients in one dimension. It is used if the observation operator performs linear interpolation in 1D.

See the page describing PDAF-OMI observation operators for a general overview.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAFomi_get_interp_coeff_lin1D(gcoords, ocoord, icoeff)

    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: gcoords(:)  ! Coordinates of grid points (dim=2)
    REAL, INTENT(in)    :: ocoord      ! Coordinate of observation
    REAL, INTENT(inout) :: icoeff(:)   ! Interpolation coefficients (dim=2)


  • This routine is a simplification of PDAFomi_get_interp_coeff which computes interpolation coefficients up to three dimensions