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This page documents the routine PDAF_set_memberid of PDAF. The routine was introduced with PDAF 2.0.

The routine allows a user to reset the ensemble member counter inside PDAF. This routine should only be used in the flexible parallelization mode, thus when PDAF_put_state_X is used. Resetting the member counter, allows e.g. to enforce the execution of the analysis step in the case, when according to the PDAF-internal counter, the ensemble integration is not yet complete. For this, one has to specify the member-ID to be the ensemble size.

To just enforce an analysis step, we recommend to use the routine PDAF_force_analysis. This routine is also compatible with PDAF_assimilate_X.

Warning: This is a routine for advanced functionality of PDAF. Use it carefully, since it can break the assimilation process.

The interface is the following:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_set_memberid(member)

without the argument:

  • member: integer, intent(in) Member in index to which the PDAF-internal counting is reset.