This page documents the routine PDAF_force_analysis of PDAF. The routine was introduced with PDAF 2.0.

The routine allows a user to enforce the execution of the analysis step at the next call to PDAF_put_state_X or PDAF_assimilate_X.

In particular for PDAF_assimilate_X, the number of time steps is set before the forecast phase is entered. However, one might not know the actual length of the forecast time, e.g. the time when new observation arrive. In this case, one can set for number of time steps to a large value and then check for new observations during the time stepping and call PDAF_force_analysis just before PDAF_assimilate_X is called to enforce that the analysis step is executed.

Warning: This is a routine for advanced functionality of PDAF. Use it carefully, since it can break the assimilation process.

For PDAF_put_state_X, one can use PDAF_force_analysis to overwrite the counting of the ensemble members that PDAF does internally.

The interface is the following:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_reset_forget()

without any argument

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