This page documents the routine PDAF_get_localfilter of PDAF.

The routine returns the information whether the chosen filter is a domain-localized filter (LESTKF, LETKF, LSEIK, LNETF). It can be called in assimilate_pdaf.F90 and the return value can be used to call either PDAFomi_assimilate_global or PDAFomi_assimilate_local (or PDAFomi_put_state_global or PDAFomi_put_state_local). The value is initialized after calling PDAF_init.

The routine is typically called in the model code in assimilate_pdaf.

The interface is the following:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_get_localfilter(lflag)

with the following argument:

  • lflag: On output the integer index is
    (1) for local filters,
    (0) for global filters (including LEnKF, which performs covariance localization)
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