This page documents the routine PDAF_get_assim_flag of PDAF. This routine was added with PDAF V1.13.1

The routine returns the information whether in the last call to a routine PDAF_assimilate_X (with X being any of the filterts) observations were assimilated, i.e. an analysis step was computed. It can be called during the ensemble integration, if a program needs this information, e.g. if a model uses leafrog time stepping and one wishes to do an Euler time step directly after the analysis step.

The routine is typically called in the model code during the ensemble integration. It only works in the online mode of PDAF.

The interface is the following:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_get_assim_flag(assim_flag)

with the following argument:

  • assim_flag (Integer) : (1) if an analysis step was computed, (0) otherwise.
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