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Models connected to PDAF

PDAF has been connected with various models, either in the online or offline coupling variant. A selection of toy models and model bindings are provided with PDAF, while other model-bindings are described in the different publications as listed below.

Please note that this list is most likely incomplete. If you connected PDAF to another model, please let us know.

ADCIRC Finite-Element ocean circulation model
AWI-CM Atmosphere ocean coupled model model binding included since PDAF V1.15
BSHcmod operational BSH circulation model, see Losa et al, 2012, 2014
CFSv2 NCEP Climate Forecast System, version 2, see Chen et al., 2017
CICE Los Alamos Natural Laboratory Sea Ice Model see Williams et al., 2023
CLM 5.0 Community land surface model Version 5.0, see Strebel et al., 2022
Elmer/Ice ice sheet model, see Gillet-Chaulet (2020)
FALL3D Eulerian model for atmospheric passive transport and deposition, see Mingari et al. (2022)
FESOM Finite Element Sea-ice Ocean Model, see e.g. Nerger et al., 2006, Janjic et al. 2011, Androsov et al. 2019 model binding available as part of AWI-CM included since PDAF V1.15
HBM Hiromb-Boos Model, see Nerger et al., 2016, Goodliff et al. 2019
HYSPLIT Volcanic ash transport and dispersion model, see Pardini et al., 2020
ICON-Ocean ocean component of Icosahedral Non-hydrostatic Earth System Model see Pohlmann et al. (2023)
Lorenz-96 the low-dimensional chaotic test model for data assimilation (also known as Lorenz-40 or Lorenz-95) included in PDAF release
Lorenz-63 the 3-variable chaotic system by Lorenz (1963) included in PDAF release
Lorenz-2005 II Model variant II of Lorenz (2005) included in PDAF release since PDAF V2.0
Lorenz-2005 III the two-scale model variant III of Lorenz (2005) included in PDAF release since PDAF V2.0
MITgcm ocean circulation model, see e.g. Yang et al., 2014-2016, model binding included since PDAF V1.13
MPI-ESM The MPI Earth-System Model, see Brune et al. 2015
NEMO3 ocean circulation model, see e.g. Tödter et al. 2016
NEMO4 ocean circulation model
NOBM NASA Ocean Biogeochmical model, see Nerger and Gregg, 2007, 2008
OMCT Ocean Model for Circulation and Tides, see Saynisch and Thomas, 2012, Irrgang et al., 2017
Parody Dynamo model see Fournier et al. 2013
PIOMAS Pan-Arctic Ice-Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System, see Shu et al. 2021
SCHISM The SCHISM modeling system, Zhang et al see
TerrSysMP coupled atmosphere-land surface-subsurface model, see Kurtz et al., 2016, Baatz et al, 2017 model binding available, see Kurtz et al., 2016
TIE-GCM Thermosphere Ionosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model, see Corbin and Kusche, 2022
WRF Weather Research and Forecast model, see Shao and Nerger, 2024