Frequently Asked Questions


Compilation with gfortran fails because of unrecognized command line option -fallow-argument-mismatch

If this happens, please delete this option in the compile include file in make.arch. This option is necessary for compilation with gfortran 10, but older versions of gfortran don't seem to even know this option.

Compilation with gfortran fails with an error about a Type mismatch related to MPI_allreduce or some other MPI function

If this happens, please add -fallow-argument-mismatch in the compile include file in make.arch to the line 'OPT = ....'. gfortran from version 10 checks the arguments more strictly than older versions of gfortran. The apparent argument mismatch is actually allowed in the call to functions of MPI.

What does 'PE' and 'PE-local' in the code mean?

'PE' is the common expression for 'processing element'. This relates to parallelization and usually refers to a single process or 'task' in MPI parallelization. Thus, when you read 'PE-local' in the source code, this means that some variable is local (specific) or a single process or MPI task (thus while the variable usually exist for all processes, its value can be different for each process).

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