Initialization of PDAF and the ensemble by PDAF_init

This version of the documentation is valid for PDAF until and including V1.7.

The only change between V1.7 and 1.8 for the initialization of PDAF is the screen output from the initialization routine of PDAF. For V1.7 it is displayed below. As there are no changes for the implementation itself, please see the current documentation for the details of it.

Testing the PDAF initialization

The PDAF initialization can be tested by compiling the program and executing it. The Makefile of the model has to be extended to include the additional files. The core part of PDAF can be compiled separately as a library and can then simply be linked to the model code. This is the strategy followed in the PDAF-package.

At this stage it will not be meaningful to perform an actual integration. However, one can test if the initialization in PDAF_init is sucessful and if the ensemble array is correctly initialized.

Standard output from PDAF_init should look like the following:

  PDAF: Initialize SEIK Filter

         SEIK configuration
               filter sub-type = 0
                 --> Standard SEIK
                 --> Transform ensemble with deterministic Omega
                 --> Use fixed forgetting factor: 1.00

         Parallelization - Filter on model PEs:
                      Total number of PEs:   4
          Number of parallel model tasks:   1
                           PEs for Filter:   4
     # PEs per ensemble task and local ensemble sizes: 
           Task   1
           #PEs   4
              N 300

The correctness of the ensemble initialization in U_ensemble_init should be checked by the user.

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