ISDA-Online - the International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online is a seminar series on the topic of Data Assimilation.
Since the actual ISDA-2020 that was planned at Colorade State University for the summer of 2020 had to postponed until the year 2022 due to Corona, this seminar series should bridge over some of the time for which we cannot travel.

Each ISDA-Online Event is a session of 2 hours with 4-5 presentations. For now,the presentations are a selection from the abstracts that have been submitted for ISDA-2020. At a later time, we intent to solicit new abstracts

Please note: This is only the temporary website for ISDA-Online. Please check back for updates.

Current event

Friday, February 5, 2021 from 7-9h UTC
Theme: Satellite Data Assimilation
Convener: Takemasa Miyoshi


Assimilation of GPM DPR Spectral Latent Heating using Vertical Correlated Observation Error Covariance in Kalman Gain
Yasutaka IKUTA

Evaluating the impact of precipitation radar observations from a geostationary satellite on typhoon forecasts
James Taylor, Atsushi Okazaki, Moeka Yamaji, Takuji Kubota, Riko Oki, Takemasa Miyoshi

A tempered particle filter for jointly assimilating satellite soil moisture and flood extent maps into a flood inundation model
Renaud Hostache, Patrick Matgen, Peter-Jan van Leuuwen, Nancy Nichols, Marco Chini, Ramona Pelich, Carole Delenne

Role of Scatterometer Data Assimilation in the simulation of boundary layer flow of tropical cyclones
Jyoti Bhate, Amit Kesarkar, Arpita Munshi, Govindan Kutty, and Sanjib Deb

Experimental assimilation of space-borne cloud radar and lidar observations directly in the 4D-Var system used at ECMWF
Marta Janisková, Mark Fielding

Program and Abstracts

Registration: To obtain the link to the online event please register here. Attendence is free of charge.

Previous events

Friday, January 8, 2021 from 15-17h UTC
Theme: Data Assimilation Methods
Conveners: Javier Amezcua, Steven Fletcher, Lars Nerger


Feature Data Assimilation - Theory, Algorithms and Examples
Roland Potthast, Christian Welzbacher

Space-Time Multigrid for the Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter Method
Xinfeng Gao, Milija Zupanski, Jacobs B. Schroder, Robert D. Falgout

Modelling spatially correlated observation errors in variational data assimilation using a diffusion operator on an unstructured mesh
O. Guillet, A. T. Weaver, X. Vasseur, Y. Michel, S. Gratton and S. Gürol

Efficient nonlinear data assimilation using synchronization in a particle filter
Flavia Pinheiro, Peter Jan van Leeuwen

Understanding the differences between EnVar and LETKF solvers in an operational NWP setting
Jeff Whitaker, Anna Shlyaeva

Further planned events (tentative)

Usually an event should be on the first Friday each month, but ttheir might be exceptions in case of holidays. We alternate between 7-9h UTC and 15-17h UTC. This allows us to have a joint meeting of Europe, Asia, Australia (for 7-9h UTC) or Europe and the Americas (for 15-17h UTC).

Friday, March 5, 2021 from 15-17h UTC
Theme: Mathematics of Data Assimilation

Friday, April 16, 2021 from 7-9h UTC
Theme: Convective-Scale Data Assimilation

Further Information

Core organization team: Peter Jan van Leeuwen, Takemasa Miyoshi, Roland Potthast, Lars Nerger, Martin Weissmann

Currently the information about ISDA-Online is mainly distributed via the mailing list of ISDA-2020. However, if you are not on the list and like to receive more information, you can contact one of the organizers or send an email to the PDAF developers (See Imprint for contact information)