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    11= Release notes for PDAF =
    3 == Version 2.2 - March 8, 2024 ==
     3== Version 2.2.1 - April 29, 2024 ==
     5This release mainly provides a bug-fix and performance improvements. All changes relate to PDAF-OMI. The performance of the search lor local observations is improved. Because of this, it should be useful for all users who run localized filters to upgrade to this version.
     7Major changes - all relating to PDAF-OMI:
     9- We found that the search for local observation (init_dim_obs_l_pdafomi, PDAFomi_init_dim_obs_l) was sometimes slower in PDAF 2.2 than in PDAF 2.1. We now revised the code for the search. This lead to an overall faster search, thus also faster than in PDAF 2.1. This should be particularly visible when using the geographic distance claculations (thisobs%disttype=2 or =3).
     10- We added a 2D+1D factorized localization. In this, the distance in the horizontal direction (components 1 and 2) is treated separately from the vertical direction (3rd component). The localization weight will be the product of the separate weights for the horizontal and vertical distances. This localization type available for both isoptropic and non-isotropic localization. It is actived by specifying 'thisobs%disttype' (see
     11- For non-isotropic localization using the new 2D+1D factorized localization one can specify different weight functions for the horizontal and vertical directions. For isotropic localization, the vertical direction always uses a constant weight. (See for information in activating this feature)
     12- It is now possible to call the PDAF analysis step (PDAF_put_state_X) multiple times while changing the active observations. Thus PDAF-OMI is properly reset. This can be used for applications that do univariate assimilation of different observations. One can use this now one after the other in a single program
     13- The timing output (PDAF_print_info(3)) was revised for PDAF-OMI. For observation-related operations, now only the timings in the call-back routines in the observation modules are displayed while other OMI-internal timings are shows as a sum (see
     15Bug fixes:
     17- In non-isotropic localization in 2 dimensions, the computation of the directiontional cut-off radius was incorrect. This is corected and 2d localization should now yield the same result as in 3D localization in which the radius of the third direction was set to zero
     18- For non-isotropic geographic localization using the heaviside functions an additional cut-off condition in longitude could lead to the effect that some local observations were omitted at high latitudes. This additional cut-off condition is now removed.
     24== Previous versions ==
     27=== Version 2.2 - March 8, 2024 ===
    529Major additions:
    2145  - We corrected an incompatibility of the EnKF and LEnKF with OMI. The result was not consistent if multiple observation types were used in combination with domain-decomposition of the model
    23 ----
    25 == Previous versions ==
    2847=== Version 2.1 - February 21, 2023 ===