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    11= Release notes for PDAF =
    3 == Version 2.1 - February 21, 2023 ==
     3== Version 2.2 - March 8, 2024 ==
     5Major additions:
     6- New activation of offline mode: The new routine PDAF_set_offline_mode allows now to activate the offline mode. With this, one can freely choose a filter sub-type in offline mode and to keep online and offline codes more alike (the old functionality using subtype=5 is still available)
     7- Newly available when using OMI:
     8  - Added feature to omit observations if their value is too different from the ensemble mean. This can remove outliers and stabilize the data assimilation process.
     9  - Added support for non-isotropic localization. One can set separate localization radii for the different directions in a localization. (see [wiki:PDAFomi_additional_functionality] for documentation on obervation omission and non-isotropic localization)
     10  - Added error checking routine PDAFomi_check_error (see [wiki:OMI_error_checking])
     12Code revisions and bug corrections:
     13- Revised local observation statistics. In case of zero observations 'NaN' was shown as average number of observations. This case is now consistently handled. (Before PDAF always assumed that an analysis step is called when observation are actually available. Now it is also correct if all observations are deactivated, e.g. in case of a free ensemble run)
     14- Revised the templates and tutorials for OMI-based implementations and 3D-Vars for better clarity. Now the tutorial codes and templates are fully consistent with each other
     15- Bug corrections:
     16  - Correction of hybrid filter LKNETF. Irrespective of which subtype was chosen, always the synchronous update scheme (subtype=4) was executed. Now also the 2-step schemes can be correctly used
     17  - tutorial/offline_2D_parallel: In callback_obs_pdafomi.F90 the coordinate array set for localize_covar_pdafomi wes not correctly initialized
     18  - Corrected PDAF_assimilate*_si.F90, i.e. 'simple interface' routines (for PF, NETF, LNETF) and PDAF_put_state_netf_si.F90. Here unused arguments were specified internally.
     19- PDAF-OMI related corrections
     20  - PDAFomi_gather_obs now works correctly for the combined case that zero observations are available and domain-limited observations (use_global_obs=0) are activated
     21  - We corrected an incompatibility of the EnKF and LEnKF with OMI. The result was not consistent if multiple observation types were used in combination with domain-decomposition of the model
     25== Previous versions ==
     28=== Version 2.1 - February 21, 2023 ===
    530Note on change influencing the compatibility with previous versions of PDAF
    3257 - Correction of EnKF/LEnKF with OMI running with parallelization: For the case that for a process domain dim_obs_p=0, but globally dim_obs_g>0 the array thisobs%ivar_obs_f was allocated with incorrect size
    35 ----
    37 == Previous versions ==
    3960=== Version 2.0 - December 17, 2021 ===