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    4 == Version 1.14 - July 4, 2019 ==
     4== Version 1.15 - December 9, 2019 ==
     7* New timer mode 3: This timer mode show the times spent in the different call-back routines. This helps the user to determine which routines take most time and have hence the largest potential for optimization.
     8* Given the new timer mode 3, the previous timer mode 3 is now shifted to 4 and the old timer mode 4 to 5.
     9* New directory models/: We moved the implementations of the Lorenz-63 and Lorenz96 models with PDAF to the new directory models/. The former directory testsuite/ is now intended for validation tests, while the models that are fully implemented with PDAF reside in a separate directory
     10* Revised validation scripts: In both the testsuite and the tutorial directories, one can run automated test runs whose outputs are compared with reference outputs using Python
     11* PDAF_get_state and PDAF_put_state_X can now called in flexible order each having its own counting for the ensemble member index: Before it was required that a call to PDAF_get_state was followed by a matching call to PDAF_put_state_X. Now On can also call PDAF_get_state for all ensemble members at the beginning of the forecast phase. Later the matching calls to PDAF_put_state_X are done. It's only important to have the same number of calls. This change allows, e.g. to distribute and compute the forecasts on GPUs or let other load-balancing software distribute the forecasts.
     12* Following the change in PDAF_get_state/PDAF_put_state_X, the routine PDAF_get_memberid was revised. The routine will return the index of the ensemble member according to the current (i.e. last) call to either PDAF_get_state or PDAF_put_state_X (In practice you should see no difference to before if you call the routines alternately)
     13* The SEEK filter is declared deprecated, i.e. we plan to no longer support it in some future release. This mode-based filters usually shows a worse performance compared to the current ensemble filters. (Please let us know if you actually use the SEEK filter)
     14* The tutorial case online_2d_parallelmodel_fullpar_1fpe now allows to compute the ensemble forecast with a different number of processes for each model task.
     15* For PDAF_eofcovar we clarified that the array 'states' is actually destroyed by the singular value decomposition compute in the routine. Accordingly, the meanstate is also no longer added to this array after the SVD.
     16* Model-binding for AWI-CM: The directory modelbindings/ now also contains code to use PDAF with the model AWI-CM (the AWI climate model, a coupled atmosphere-ocean model consisting of the atmosphere model ECHAM6 and the ocean model FESOM). 
     17* Bug corrections:
     18   * The analysis step of the particle filter is corrected. The analysis ensemble was incorrectly computed for state dimensions >200.
     19   * To avoid an error massage with rather old compilers, we added a 'save' statement to the variable screenout (This is required by OpenMP older than version 4.0, e.g. in gfortran older than version 4.9.1)
     24== Previous versions ==
     26=== Version 1.14 - July 4, 2019 ===
    1638   * For the 'fullpar' case also PDAF_get_state for SEEK. Now distribute_state is only executed for model tasks, but not the separate filter task
    1739   * Corrected an array allocation in PDAF_enkf_omega. This lead to an error for the case that dim_ens-1 was not equal to the specified rank of the set of EOFs. This only happens when using this routine to generate a large ensemble for a small state dimension (as now used in the Lorenz-63 model test case).
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    21 == Previous versions ==