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    4 == Version 1.13.2 - September 3, 2018 ==
     4== Version 1.14 - July 4, 2019 ==
     7* Added [wiki:ImplementGenerateObs functionality to generate synthetic observations] to simplify the application of twin data assimilation experiments (filtertype=11).
     8* Added a [wiki:ImplementAnalysispf particle filter with importance resampling] (filtertype=12)
     9* Added an option for ETKF/SEIK/ESTKF to compute the innovation either from mean of HX or from H(meanX). Only the latter was supported by now, but using mean(HX) is the correct approach for nonlinear observation operators. This option is specified as param_int(8) (see [wiki:AvailableOptionsforInitPDAF overview of available filter options])
     10* Added timing information on the time required to collect and distribute the ensemble in the online implemented data assimilation
     11* All template routines now give an output starting with 'TEMPLATE'. Given that one should delete this line when one implements a routines, this will help to keep an overview on how far a particular implementation is complete.
     12* Revised Lorenz-63 model example and added data assimilation and plotting scripts to it. The use is analogous to the Lorenz-96 model, but without localized filters.
     13* Bug corrections:
     14   * For the 'fullpar' case in which the filter runs on separate processes form the model tasks, we corrected the PDAF-internal parallelization setup, as the process-local ensmeble size was not set correctly for task_id=0
     15   * For the 'fullpar' case also PDAF_get_state for SEEK. Now distribute_state is only executed for model tasks, but not the separate filter task
     16   * Corrected an array allocation in PDAF_enkf_omega. This lead to an error for the case that dim_ens-1 was not equal to the specified rank of the set of EOFs. This only happens when using this routine to generate a large ensemble for a small state dimension (as now used in the Lorenz-63 model test case).
     20== Previous versions ==
     23=== Version 1.13.2 - September 3, 2018 ===
    1029   * Corrected `PDAF_diag_ensstats` (For the case that the statistics over all elements of the ensemble array were to be computed, still only element 1 was used)
    1130   * Corrected `testsuite/src/main/main.F90` (Here, we added a call PDAF_deallocate in version 1.13 but did not enclose it in a preprocessor check whether PDAF is active. This lead to a compile failure when compiling with deactivated PDAF)
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    15 == Previous versions ==
    1832=== Version 1.13.1 - March 12, 2018 ===