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This page documents the routine PDAFomi_check_error of PDAF. The routine was introduced by PDAF version 2.2.

The routine returns the value of the PDAF-OMI internal error flag. Since PDAF-OMI executes internal routines in which errors could occur due to an inconsistent configuration of the observations a directly returning an error flag as a subroutine argument is not always possible. For this reasin there is this separate routine to check for the error flag.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAFomi_check_error(ierror)

    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: ierror          ! Value of PDAF-OMI error flag
                                             ! (0): no error
                                             ! (>0): an error occured - check screen outputs


  • The routine is provied through the module 'PDAFomi'. Thus one has to use-include the routine by
      USE PDAFomi, only: PDAFomi_set_debug_flag
  • The errors that are checked by PDAF-OMI relate to the configuration of the obserations, e.g. it is checked whether some dimensions are consistent.
  • If an error occurred PDAF-OMI also prints an error message, but it does not stop the program.