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This page documents the routine PDAF_set_offline mode of PDAF. This routine was introduced with PDAF version 2.2.

The routine activates the offline model of PDAF. It has to be called after PDAF was initilized in PDAF_init.

The interface is:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_set_offline_mode(screen)

    INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: screen            ! Control verbosity of routine
                                             ! >0: display information output


  • This routine replaces the activation of the offline mode by setting subtype=5 as was used in PDAF before version 2.2. While setting subtype=5 still works with PDAF V2.2 it is recommended to use PDAF_set_offline mode.
  • Using PDAF_set_offline_mode instead of subtype=5 allows to freely choose the subtype of an assimilation method.