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     56== Version 2.0 - December XXXXX, 2021 ==
     59* Added 3D-Var methods
     60  * 5 variants: 3D-Var with parameterized covariances, 3D ensemble var (ensemble covariances) and hybrid-var (combined parameterized and ensemble covariances); ensemble perturbations can be transformed using the global ESTKF or the local LESTKF
     61  * Added tutorials for 3D-Var methods (codes and slide set with explanations)
     62  * Added template files for 3D-Var methods
     63* Added models from Lorenz (2005): model II (state with averaging), model III (two-scale); both with assimilation fully implemented
     64* Added tutoral code showing a multivariate implementation with two model fields (/tutorial/online_2D_serialmodel_2fields). The tutorial demonstrates an efficient way to handle multiple model fields
     65* Added possibility to reset the MPI world communicator in which PDAF operates (routine PDAF_set_comm_pdaf). This ensures compatibility with e.g. OI-servers that use processes separate from those used by the model integration.
     66* Added possibility to let the user force that the analysis step is computed at the next call to PDAF_assimilate/PDAF_put_state (routine PDAF_force_analysis)
     67* Added possibility to overwrite PDAF's ensemble member counting in the flexible parallelization variant and force execution of the analysis (PDAF_set_memberid)
     68* Added routine to reset the value of the forgetting factor. Can be applied during the analysis step, e.g. to give each local analysis domain a different inflation value (PDAF_reset_forget)
     69* Added diagnostic routine to compute the continuous ranked probability score, CRPS (PDAF_diag_crps)
     70* Code revisions:
     71  * modernized use of MPI: now we use 'USE MPI' instead of 'include mpif.h'. This solves the issue of gfortran 10, which claimed argument mismatches
     72  * modernized use of netCDF (with 'use netcdf' instead of 'include'). This also resolves the issue of gfortran 10
     73  * observation generation (GENOBS) moved to filtertype=100
     74  * PDAF_sampleens now works without prior call to PDAF_init (removed memory counting)
     75  * removed stub PDAF library since it is not compatible with 'USE mpi'. Thus, compiling PDAF now requires a MPI library to be installed
     76* PDAF-OMI related
     77  * Calling deallocate_obs_pdafomi is no longer required
     78  * Model bindings for MITgcm and AWI-CM revised for using PDAF-OMI
     79  * all model implementations (Lorenz models) now implemented using PDAF-OMI
     80  * Added OMI adjoint observation operators for use with 3D-Var methods
     81* Bug corrections:
     82  * Correction of initialization of gcoords in tutorial for obs_C_pdafomi (observations with linear interpolation)
     83  * For compatibility with the Cray compiler, all .mod files of the PDAF library are copied to /include
     84  * resolved issue of gfortran-10 complaining about argument mismatch by 'USE mpi'