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    88Figure 1 gives an overview of the different routines that might need to be provided to the analysis step of an ensemble filter. The actual routines depend on the chosen filter method. The routines are organized in three groups:
    10  * '''Model Interface:'''[[BR]]
     10== Model Interface ==
    1111 The model Interface consists of the routines `collect_state_pdaf` and `distribute_state_pdaf`. These routine perform the concersion between model fields and state vector. The routines have been discussed in the context of the [ModifyModelforEnsembleIntegration modification of the model for the ensemble integration].
    12  * '''OMI Observation Module:'''[[BR]]
     13== OMI Observation Module ==
     14 The observation module performs all observation-related operations. In case of OMI, one needs the following routines:
     15  * `init_dim_obs_pdafomi`: For each observation type that is assimilation this routine reads the observations and initialized observation values, coordinates, and errors. In addition indices are specified that link the state vector to the observations so that the observation operator is prepared
     16  * `obs_op_pdafomi`: For each observation type there is one routine providing the observation operator. For this, OMI provides different observation operators
     17  * `init_dim_obs_l_pdafomi`: This routine initializes the local observations of each observation type. This is only required for the domain-localized filters. With OMI this is mainly a single subroutine call, while OMI does the actual initialization
     18  * `localized_covar`: For the local EnKF the state error covariance matrix is localized. This is performed with this routine and is specified for each observation type.
     19 More information about OMI can be found in the [wiki:PDAF_OMI_Overview overview of PDAF-OMI].
     21== Localization ==
     22 These routines are only required for the domain-localized ensemble filters. They handle the initialization of the state vector for a local analysis. These routines are
     23  * `init_n_domain`: This routine sets the number of local analysis domains
     24  * `init_dim_l`: This routine determines the state vector size for the local analysis domain and initializes the index information to fill a local state vector
     25  * `g2l_state`: This routine performs the transformation from a global to the local state vector. It selects elements of the global state vector and fill the local vector
     26  * `l2g_state`: This routine performns the back-ttransformation from local to global state vector.