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Compiling the PDAF library

The tutorial implementations in the directory tutorial/ and the models implemented with PDAF in models/ are setup to compile the PDAF library when the application is compiled.

The PDAF library, thus the core routines of PDAF and PDAF-OMI, can also be compiled separately. This is the common approach when one implements PDAF with some models in the online-coupled setup (see e.g. the directory modelbindings).

Compiling PDAF for ensemble filters and smoothers

To compile PDAF for ensemble filters and smoothers, do the following:

Compiling PDAF for 3D-Var methods

The 3D-Var methods implemented in PDAF use solver algorithms from external libraries (from the driectory external/). To compile PDAF with full support for the 3D-Var schemes do the following: