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     1= init_n_domains_pdaf =
     3The page document the user-supplied call-back routine `init_n_domains_pdaf`.
     5The routine `init_n_domains_pdaf` (called `U_init_n_domains` inside the PDAF core routines) is a call-back routine that has to be provided by the user.
     6This routine is used by all filter algorithms with domain-localization (LSEIK, LETKF, LESTKF) and is independent of the particular algorithm.
     7The routine is called during the analysis step before the loop over the local analysis domains is entered. It has to provide the number of local analysis domains. In case of a domain-decomposed model the number of local analysis domain for the model sub-domain of the calling process has to be initialized.
     9The interface is the following:
     11SUBROUTINE init_n_domains_pdaf(step, n_domains_p)
     14 * `step` : `integer, intent(in)`[[BR]] Current time step
     15 * `n_domains_p`: `integer, intent(out)`[[BR]] Number of analysis domains for process-local model sub-domain
     18 * For a full 3-dimensional localization, a local analysis domain can be a single grid point. In this case `n_domains_p` would be the number of grid points in a process-local sub-domain of the model grid.
     19 * If the localization is only performed horizontally (a frequent choice with ocean circulation models assimilating satellite data), the local analysis domains can be single vertical columns of the model grid. In this case, `n_domains_p` is the number of vertical columns in the local model sub-domain.