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This page documents the routine PDAF_generate_obs_si of PDAF.

The routine is typically called in assimilate_pdaf or directly in the model code.

This routine is used to generate synthetic observations. It is the simple-interface variante of [PDAF_generate_obs], having only a single argument and using predefined names for the call-back routines. The routine bases on the usual implementation strategy for PDAF which is described on the page Modification of the model code for the ensemble integration and its sub-page on inserting the analysis step. The routine is used in the fully-parallel implementation variant of the data assimilation system. When the 'flexible' implementation variant, the routine `PDAF_put_state_generate_obs' is used.

The interface is the following:

  SUBROUTINE PDAF_generate_obs_si(status_pdaf)

with the following arguments:

  • status_pdaf: The integer status flag. It is zero, if PDAF_generate_obs_si is exited without errors.

The routine calls several user-supplied call-back routines. They are described on the page on implementing the generation of synthetic observations?.

It is recommended that the value of status_pdaf is checked in the program after PDAF_generate_obs_si is executed. Only if its value is 0 the initialization was successful.