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    5858 * `status_pdaf`: An integer used as status flag of PDAF. If `status_pdaf` is zero upon exit from `PDAF_init` the initialization was successful. An error occurred for non-zero values. (The error codes are documented in the routine PDAF_init.)
     60It is recommended that the value of `status_pdaf` is checked in the program after PDAF_init is executed. Only if its value is 0 the initialization was successful.
    6062== Other variables for the assimilation ==
    98100The only mode-based filter supplied with PDAF is currenly the SEEK filter. For this filter the initialization bases on the decomposition of the state error covariance matrix in the form '''P''' = '''VUV^T^'''. According to this decomposition, the array `ens_p` has to be initialized to hold the modes from matrix '''V''' and `Uinv` holds the inverse of matrix '''U'''. In addition `state_p` has to be initialized with the initial state estimate.  If a model with domain decomposition is used, the part of all modes for the local sub-domain of the MPI process and the corresponding part of the state vector has to be initialized.
     102== Testing the PDAF initialization ==
     104The PDAF initialization can be tested by compiling the program and executing it. At this stage it will not be meaningful to perform an actual integration. However, one can test if the initialization in PDAF_init is sucessful and if the ensemble array is correctly initialized.
     106Standard output from PDAF_init should look like the following:
     108  PDAF: Initialize SEIK Filter
     110         SEIK configuration
     111               filter sub-type = 0
     112                 --> Standard SEIK
     113                 --> Transform ensemble with deterministic Omega
     114                 --> Use fixed forgetting factor: 1.00
     116         Parallelization - Filter on model PEs:
     117                      Total number of PEs:   4
     118          Number of parallel model tasks:   1
     119                           PEs for Filter:   4
     120     # PEs per ensemble task and local ensemble sizes:
     121           Task   1
     122           #PEs   4
     123              N 300
     126The correctness of the ensemble initialization in `U_ensemble_init` should be checked by the user.