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Implementation Guide

The implementation of PDAF with an existing model

The implementation of PDAF with an existing model can be performed in several steps. A possible sequence is the following:

  1. Adaptation of the parallelization
  2. Initialization of PDAF and the ensemble by PDAF_init
  3. Modification of the model code for the ensemble integration
  4. Implementation of the analysis step


The implementation steps are described on the pages linked above. An example of the implementation is given in the test suite provided with PDAF with the routines in testsuite/main/ and testsuite/dummymodel_1D/.

Several routines that contain model and observation specific operations are called by PDAF through its defined interface. These routines need to be implemented by the user. The operations in all these routines are rather elementary like the initialization of the model's physical fields from a state vector provided by PDAF and the initialization of the vector of observations. The example mentioned above also includes examples for these routines. In addition, the directory templates/ contains template implementations of the routines that can be used as a basis for new implementations.