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    2626For the analysis step of the LSEIK filter several operations related to the observations are needed. These operations are requested by PDAF by calling user-supplied routines. Intentionally, the operations are split into separate routines in order to keep the operations rather elementary as this procedure should simplify the implementation. The names of the required routines are specified in the call to the routine `PDAF_put_state_lseik` described below. With regard to the parallelization, all these routines are executed by the filter processes (`filterpe=1`) only.
    28 The following user-supplied routines for the SEIK filter are described on this page. (For completeness, we also repeat the generic routines that were described on the page [ModifyModelforEnsembleIntegration Modification of the model core for the ensemble integration].
    29  * [#U_init_dim_obs_fullinit_dim_obs_full.F90 U_init_dim_obs_full]: The name of the user-supplied routine that provides the size of observation vector
    30  * [#U_obs_op_fullobs_op_full.F90 U_obs_op_full]: The name of the user-supplied routine that acts as the observation operator on some state vector
    31  * [#U_init_obs_fullinit_obs_full.F90 U_init_obs_full]: The name of the user-supplied routine that initializes the vector of observations
    32  * [#U_prodRinv_localA_prodrinva_local.F90 U_prodRinvA_local]: The name of the user-supplied routine that computes the product of the inverse of the observation error covariance matrix with some matrix provided to the routine by PDAF. This operation occurs during the analysis step of the LSEIK filter.
    33  * [#U_init_obsvarinit_obsvar.F90 U_init_obsvar]: The name of the user-supplied routine that provides a mean observation error variance to PDAF (This routine will only be executed, if an adaptive forgetting factor is used)
    35 Below the names of the corresponding routines in the template directory are provided in parentheses. The the routines in the example implementation have the same name but include '`_dummy_D`' in the name.
     28For completeness we discuss here all user-supplied routines that are specified in the interface to `PDAF_put_state_lseik`.
    3730== PDAF_put_state_lseik ==