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    11= Features of PDAF =
    35 * PDAF is implemented in Fortran90. However, the standard interface also supports models that are written in C or C++.
    3032 1. PDAF does not require that your model can be called as a subroutine. Rather PDAF is added to the model and the formed data assimilation system can be executed pretty much like the model-program would without data assimilation.
     34== Requirements ==
     36 * Compiler[[BR]]To compile PDAF a Fortran compiler is required. PDAF has been tested with a variety of compilers like gfortran, ifort, xlf, pgf90.
     37 * BLAS and LAPACK[[BR]]The BLAS and LAPACK libraries are used by PDAF. For Linux there are usually packages with these libraries. With commercial compilers the functions are usually provided by optimized libraries (like MKL, ESSL).
     38 * MPI[[BR]]If the assimilation program should be executed with parallelization, an MPI library is required (e.g. OpenMPI). The assimilation program can also be compiler and run without parallelization. For this, PDAF provides functions that mimic MPI operations for a single process.
     39 * make[[BR]]
     40PDAF provides Makefile configurations for different compilers and operating systems.
     42== Test machines ==
     44PDAF has been tested on various machines with different compilers and MPI libraries like
     45 * IBM p575 with Power5 processors running under AIX5.3, XLF compiler 10.1, ESSL library, POE parallel environment
     46 * IBM BladeCenter JS22 with Power6 processors running under AIX5.3, XLF compiler 11.1, ESSL library, POE parallel environment
     47 * Cray XD1, PG Fortran compiler, MPICH
     48 * NEC SX8R
     49 * Linux Desktop machine, OpenSuse 11.1, ifort compiler 11.1
     50 * SGI Altix ICE, SLES 10 operating system, ifort compiler 11.1, MVAPICH2
     51 * Notebook Apple MacBook, gfortran