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Adding memory and timing information


PDAF provides functions to display the memory required by the array allocated inside PDAF. In addition, information about the execution duration of different parts of PDAF can be displayed. These information can be obtained by calling the routine PDAF_print_info.

Displaying memory information

Information about the memory required by PDAF through allocated arrays can be obtained by inserting into the program the line

  CALL PDAF_print_info(2)

The function displays the following information

  • Memory required for the ensemble array, state vector, and matrix Uinv
  • Memory required by the analysis step
  • Memory required to perform the ensemble transformation

The output will look like this:

                       PDAF Memory overview
                     Allocated memory  (MB)
            SEIK ensemble:   1.23475 MB (persistent)
            analysis step:   3.08229 MB (temporary)
         reinitialization:   5.78707 MB (temporary)

Currently only the memory required by the first process of the filter processes is displayed. Thus the total required memory should be the displayed memory multiplied by the number of processes in COMM_filter.

Displaying timing information